Past Activities

Next Generation Global Studies aims at strengthening the international and global scope of research and training activities at the University of Padova, and particularly within the SPGI, by operating as a hub to connect scholars, students and interested parties from the University and its territory with European and world-wide research centers and networks, both academic and advocacy-oriented, who share the same curiosity and concerns about contributing to shaping the global future.

To meet its goals Next Generation Global Studies promotes multi-vocal, interdisciplinary and international public conversations; it promotes and organizes educational opportunities; it is open to research collaborations, European, global and translocal, that reflect the same approach by valuing diversity and the challenges it poses to rethinking global studies.

Keeping track of all these activities is crucial to meet the goals of the initiative: all encounters, exchanges and conversations promoted by Next Generation Global Studies contribute to clarify the challenges of the ‘next generation’, and to orientate analytical and research approaches, in a collective effort where knowledges and perspectives are shared and debated.

All activities are therefore publicized in advance and made available afterwards, through a multi-media archive of materials: summaries, presentations, photos, videos. Each section (see right column) introduces to one of such archival spaces: you are invited to search, look, listen and read and share.