December 2012
An Interdisciplinary and International Conversation

The Future of Political and Social Sciences – International symposium

On december 14 and 15, Next Generation Global Studies organized, with the support of the former Faculty of Political Science and the Department of Politics, Law and International Studies, a high level public event aimed at re-thinking academic research and higher level education, with a specific focus on political and social sciences, in due consideration of the challenges and opportunities emerging from contemporary global transformations.

Conceived as an ‘international and interdisciplinary conversation‘, the event featured a number of well known international scholars, who joined us in Padova to share their forward looking perspectives and suggest innovative ways to address the many challenges: Jan Aart Scholte ( University of Warwick ), Lynn Mario Menedes de Souza (Universidade de São Paulo), Indrajit Banerjee (Unesco CSI), Derrick Cogburn (American University), Saskia Sassen (Columbia University), John Trent ( University of Ottawa) and Anne Sisson Runyan (University of Cincinnati).

Colleagues from the University of Padova and other Italian Universities were invited to come and comment on each presentation: Enzo Pace (UniPd), Gianluca Bonaiuti (Università di Firenze), Alessio Surian (UniPd), Mino Conte (UniPd), Antonella de Robbio (UniPd), Giovanni Fiaschi (UniPd), Vincenzo Romania (UniPd), Giorgia Nesti (UniPd), Stella Righettini (UniPd), Flavia Monceri (Università del Molise), Mauro Farnesi (UniPd), Lorenza Perini (UniPd).

Leaflet and program me: The Future of Political and Social Sciences. An Interdisciplinary and International Conversation


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