Rethinking the transition process in Syria: constitution, participation and gender equality

Museo di Storia della Medicina di Padova

Via San Francesco 94, Padova

3 October 2016 – 9.00 – 17.30

This conference aims at investigating the key role of women in the Syrian transitional process in order to promote gender justice and social change in the perspective of a solution to the ongoing conflict in the country.

According to UN Resolution 1325, women should be actively engaged as deci- sion-makers in mediation, conflict resolution and peace-making. In reality, during transitions to peace, women’s rights risk being bracketed as they are not perceived as priority issues within scenarios of hardships, disorder, and wide- spread violence.

Within this frame, how is it possible to envision drafting constitutional processes that acknowledge and include gender concerns? How is such process likely to develop in Syria, and what will women’s role be in the political transition? In order to secure women’s fundamental rights and an inclusive citizenship, women’s demands and voices need to be at the forefront at the negotiating tables.

Thanks to a strong collaboration between the Center for Gender Studies of University of Padova and the Euromed Feminist Initiative (IFE-EFI), this one-day event will feature some of the most relevant voices that have been struggling for peace and gender equality in the Syrian context over the past years. Histori- cal and geo-political perspectives will be presented, practical experiences from within the Syrian territory will be shared and discussed, and concrete proposals for gender aware transition processes to peace will be introduced.