The Soliya Connect Program

The Soliya Connect Program has been running at the University of Padova since 2009 and we are currently beginning our 8th round, with 20 students from the Department of Political Science, Law and International Relations and also from the Department of Modern Languages. The aim of this virtual exchange is to provide students with the opportunity to

  • Establish a deeper understanding for the perspectives of others around the world on important socio-political issues and why they feel the way they do;
  • Develop “21st Century Skills” such as critical thinking, cross-cultural communication and media literacy skills.

In the Next Generation Global Studies Winter School 2013, Katja Riikonen from the Soliya staff joined us and held a workshop called “Power, conflict and communication – addressing challenges in intercultural dialogue through facilitation”.  Amongst the winter school participants were also several Soliya alumni, who had the opportunity to meet ‘face to face’.

Below, some students from the University of Padova talk about the impact  the Soliya Connect Program had on them.