WS 2017 Speakers’ presentations – abstracts

Canali - The origin of a Limes’ maps

Frisina & Peril - Racism/Sexism and Visuality from a Decolonial Perspective

Giuliani & Petrovich Njegosh -  Screening of two ethnofictional movies_introduction

Gobbo -  Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Education and the Imagination

Helm - Managing and challenging borders and boundaries in the north-east of Italy: Freedom and/or duty to resist?

Monceri - The Power to Include: Debunking “Universality”

Musiani - (Decentralized) Architectural Design as Reshaping of Boundaries

Pavan - Bring networks to light. Bounding relational structures across offline and online spaces

Proglio - Mediterranean(s): Counter-Narratives and Silence

RinelliThe Hauntology of Asylum: Aliens, Specters and Ghost Towns in Europe

Sossi - Images of migrations, aesthetic and ethics of the Mediterranean